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Discovering The Full Scope of MSP Services: Moving Beyond Basic IT Support

Taylor Maguire
May 3, 2023
Within this post, we will discuss the full scope of services MSPs provide and address a common myth about them.
Discovering The Full Scope of MSP Services: Moving Beyond Basic IT Support

Addressing The Common Myth That MSPs Only Provide Basic IT Services

In today’s business environment companies are always looking for different ways that they are able to stay ahead of the competition. This is why a lot of businesses are choosing to use the services and products offered by MSPs for their IT needs. Organizations that embrace new technologies and utilize them to their full potential will end up having a competitive advantage over their competition.  

A common misconception of MSPs is that “they only provide companies with basic IT services”, this idea is far from the truth. The role of an MSP is to provide your company with solutions and support for your IT needs, but the extent of their services is not limited to only basic IT-related issues and management. MSPs are filled with technology experts who can assist businesses stay ahead of their competition, working more efficiently, and most importantly can help them keep their data secure. 

The Full Scope Of MSP Services

Traditionally MSPs are known for basic IT-related services such as software updates, help desk support, and network monitoring, but the job of an MSP has evolved due to the innovations in technologies.  

MSPs will often offer a large set of solutions for companies when it comes to fulfilling any IT-related need. These specialized services consist of: 

  1. Complete IT Department Solution: This kind of service provides a business with a complete IT Department where the MSP manages everything from helpdesk support to server maintenance and network management. This service is generally very beneficial for small and medium businesses that may not have the expertise or resources to form an internal IT department. 
  1. Proactive Services: MSPs will use proactive services that involve advanced tools and procedures to actively monitor and manage a company’s IT network. This allows them to detect and address any potential problems that arise before they have an impact on day-to-day operations. Using a proactive approach helps businesses minimize any IT problems affecting their business and reduces periods of inactivity. 
  1. Cloud Services: Cloud Services involve giving users remote access to software, storage, and other computing resources over the internet. MSPs will help businesses migrate onto the cloud as well as provide them with ongoing support. With this type of service businesses will often only pay for what resources they use, which helps them save on upfront costs and allows them to easily scale IT functions up or down.  
  1. Cyber Security: MSPs offer Cyber Security Services that are designed to protect businesses from different types of threats like data breaches, malware, or even phishing attempts. MSPs will also help businesses develop strategies that aim at protecting the business’s intellectual property and sensitive data. With the increase in cyber-attacks, we will see MSPs continue to play a vital role in helping businesses keep their data secure and safe.
  1. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR): MSPs offer great value for companies when disasters inevitably happen. They provide organizations with comprehensive plans revolving around recovering data/files and implement procedures that help assist ongoing operations when interferences interrupt daily tasks. 
  2. Strategic Consulting: Lastly MSPs can offer Strategic Consulting for businesses by helping them align their IT infrastructures with their organization’s goals and objectives. The MSP will analyze their client’s current IT framework, look for areas of weakness and opportunity, then develop a roadmap for their future investments in technology.
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