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Empyrion Technologies New Brand Identity - Press Release

Taylor Maguire
April 28, 2023
Join us in celebrating the creation of our new brand identity after collaborating with the design experts from Khula Design Studios.
Empyrion Technologies New Brand Identity - Press Release

Revamping Our Brand Identity

Our trusted MSP team at Empyrion Technologies has decided to collaborate with Khula Design Studio to update our company’s brand identity to make it simpler, clean, and innovative to help steer us toward additional success.

After this 3-month partnership with Khula, Empyrion Technologies is excited to finally be able to share the updated online presence and visuals. With our revitalized identity and website, we believe that they properly represent the quality of our known professional IT services and solutions that we have been providing since 1996. 

The Challenge

The MSP industry is known to be a highly competitive market with numerous new competitors entering the market. For this reason, we knew we needed to overcome this obstacle by updating our brand identity so that we can continue to stand out in a saturated market.

A couple of things we knew we needed to update to achieve our goals were revamping our company’s logo and website. Some of the noticeable changes we made to our logo were upgrading the colour scheme, logo design, and logo variations to be more aligned with demonstrating how we help organizations overcome their IT and infrastructure challenges.  

As for our website, we previously developed the visuals and website structure using WordPress which we have now changed to Webflow. The main reason we made this change was due to the issues we were running into with WordPress such as problems with updating plug-ins, web hosting inconsistencies, an overall slower performance, and more. These core issues were not a problem with Webflow websites which prompted us to make the change. 

Previous Logo Versus Refreshed Logo

The Solution

Empyrion decided to bring in creative experts from Khula to help deliver a fresh new look for the brand’s identity. With this renewed look it was important for us that the messaging was clear and simple, our brand identity is cohesive and modern, while also presenting our brand to a growing audience of organizations looking for the right MSP.

The revitalized brand identity is easily scalable across multiple formats, ranging from web pages to billboards.

Our new logo has been uniquely created from 3 different elements combined to symbolize Empyrion's core services: Managed Security, Managed IT Services, and Business Continuity & Communications.  

Since our company name is a bit long, we decided to stack both titles to form a well-balanced short compact version of the wordmark while highlighting the word “Empyrion”. This makes it easier to say and remember since this is what most consumers and stakeholders commonly refer to us as.

After we completed creating the visual identity system and new logo, we mapped out the information architecture for our new website’s structure and started the UI design process by implementing our new branding and visual elements into the website’s design.

After completing the design stage and making sure that our new messaging was easy to follow, we proceeded to develop our new site on the all-in-one platform Webflow. Since Khula Design Studio is a Webflow Professional Partner, they built our new site using website best practices while also adding in all the SEO fundamentals to ensure our website is high-performing, easily findable via a Google Search, and responsive across all devices.

Home Page Before:  

Home Page After:

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we now have a powerful website that’s easy to maintain and update through the powerful CMS in Webflow. As well as our final design is simple, clean, and has a simple page structure that makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for.

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