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Move to the Cloud with Office 365 and Microsoft Azure (Pax8)

August 25, 2021
For our August 2021 webinar, Azure joins us to go over how businesses can start moving over to the Cloud by using Office 365 and Azure.
Move To The Cloud With Office 365 And Microsoft Azure (Pax8)
Office 365 Provides Options

Over the last few years, we have seen Office 365 become a mainstream platform for SMBs to host their email, and share documents over SharePoint or OneDrive, and it gives them access to a variety of Microsoft apps using a subscription-based billing model. Although many businesses have already migrated over to the Office 365 platform at a very basic level, they have not fully utilized the technologies that are available to them.

The Office 365 platform is constantly being updated with new technologies which are giving organizations the opportunity to use these new tools to help accelerate growth, provide flexible options, and gives them an advantage over the competition.

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