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Responding To Cyber-Threats And Security Incidents With Sophos

June 17, 2021
During our presentation with trusted partner Sophos, they went over how the cyber threat landscape is changing and the adaptive methods that cyber security teams use to keep organizations safe.
Responding To Cyber-Threats And Security Incidents With Sophos
The Cyber Threat Landscape Is Changing

Lately, cyber criminals have been increasing their attack vectors and cyber experts are expecting it to get worse. We all have heard plenty of horror stories where larger corporations are paying millions in recovery costs but unfortunately, small businesses or enterprises are at the same level of risk.

Adapting to these new threats is critical because it protects the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of digital information from cybercriminals. Without the proper cybersecurity measures in place, this leaves organizations and individuals vulnerable which could lead to significant financial losses, legal liability, or a damaged reputation.

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